To the editor:

I too am concerned about frightening developments in this country. We have witnessed an attempted coup of a legally and duly elected president by members of Congress – officials of the Democratic Party, unelected bureaucrats in the FBI, DOJ, CIA and DIA, aided and abetted by the most of the media. A two-year witch hunt by a group of lawyers failed to find any evidence of wrongdoing in relation to the 2016 election in spite of their bias. Normally this sort thing only happens in Third World republics. Everyone, regardless of political affiliation, should be very concerned about the use of government power against opposition politicians.   

A recent column in the Times lamented about cronyism. Guess that columnist must have been in a coma during the years of the Great Messiah that channeled millions of taxpayer dollars to Democratic donors via TARP and doubling the national debt. Remember how all the “experts” said that 6% unemployment and 1% economic growth was the new normal? So after cutting useless regulations and income and businesses taxes, we now have 3% growth and 3% unemployment with the lowest minority unemployment since the late 1960s. Minority unemployment is at record lows for blacks. This is a real threat to the Democratic Party. Fewer people on welfare mean fewer votes for them.

I guess the columnist also missed the story about Trump Hotels donating more than $150,000 to the treasury for profits related to foreign diplomats staying at those hotels. Facts are not important to those with severe Trump derangement syndrome. These donations will continue as long as the president is in office. This is on top of Trump donating his presidential salary every quarter to a different government agency.

Obama’s net worth was about $1.3 million when he took office and about $40 million when he left eight years later. Neat trick on a salary of $400,000 per year.  

Most if not all of the progressives/socialists/communists or whatever they are calling themselves this week are operating under Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and the Cloward and Piven strategy. If you don’t know what these references are, do a little independent research and educate yourself. The major threat to our freedom and prosperity comes from the left and not from people like Donald Trump.

Trump’s reelection is nearly guaranteed given all the clowns vying for the Democratic nomination. Free stuff for all and no clue about how to pay for any of it.