You can look at the mess our country is in several different ways. Either it’s a cycle we have to endure to get right side up, or we’ve finally gone over the edge.

Something has to change in the lives of our younger generations. They are killing people and don’t even seem to care about the consequences, even if it means death for themselves. What can be so messed up in a person’s mind they just start shooting at people? I just can’t wrap my mind around the awfulness of these mass shootings. It’s to the point of being so horrific I just don’t even want to turn on the news for fear of hearing another report of someone who has gone mad.

It’s definitely an evil doing, but why? What are we doing wrong with today’s generations? Is it really because we took Dr. Spock’s word and quit spanking the kids? Or perhaps we’ve created a society that is so self-indulgent people can’t cope with reality? 

All I can focus on right now is what this world is going to be like for my grandkids. Will they grow up in a society where violence is the norm? I know I sound like my parents in the 1960s when the hippies were making everyone question what the world was coming to but this is far worse than a bunch of long haired hippies smoking dope.

While sitting at a stop sign listening to the news, I glanced up and caught a glimpse of the approaching horse and buggy team that take people on tours.

The driver, relaxed as can be, with the reins in one hand, was going along at a slow, steady pace. No worries about road rage or crazy people, he and his guests were wrapped up in the history of how the town began.

What a simpler life. I thought of the days of yesteryear, when all you needed was the outdoors for entertainment. Are we so different now than the days of living in the old west? Sometimes bad people came into town and shot up the place without knowing who they were actually trying to kill. They probably knew what consequences lay ahead while riding the horse down the main street with guns blaring, but it didn’t stop their actions. 

I don’t know if history is repeating itself but in the days of the old, when things seemed to be getting crazy and no one knew where to go or how to be, the best line of defense was to be prepared for anyone or anything.

It’s time to pray.

Sandy Turner is a GateHouse Media columnist.