To the editor:

This week, if we watched the right TV news channels, we were treated to video of a night protest outside Mitch McConnell’s home in Kentucky. The protestors wanted to keep him awake all night and targeted him because he hasn’t met demands to reconvene the Senate to work on gun control laws.

Various individuals in the mob, which looked to be about 100 in number, made suggestions of violence and threats against the Senate majority leader who, like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, qualifies as a senior citizen. They were aware that he had fallen and broken his shoulder earlier in the week. I heard one say, “break his other arm.”

This is just one of many examples showing the intolerance of the left. We’ve seen many examples of their intolerance such as the riots in Berkeley when a conservative was invited to speak to students, the heckling and harassment of Ted Cruz and his wife, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders and family, who entered a restaurant and were treated to heckling until they had to leave. Harassment of conservatives was advocated in a public speech by Rep. Maxine Waters, the poster lady of intolerance.

Intolerance is only one weapon of the left. Another, employed countless times each day by all the mainstream media as well as by at least 20 of their presidential candidates, is the word “racist.” It’s used as both an adjective and a noun. The word used to be derogatory, and perhaps the worst thing you could apply to someone. In my mind, it has become trite and meaningless due to overuse. But the left still applies it endlessly.

Recently, the left has begun to call the president a “white supremacist.” Of course, the mainstream media picks it up and all the leftist TV pundits reiterate it constantly. Most of the Democratic presidential candidates have now repeated the accusation, including Biden, Bernie, Warren, Booker, Buttigieg and even Kirsten Gillibrand.

The left always politicizes the attacks, whether carried out by car, truck, gun or knife. They always blame Republicans and the president.

They also resort to violence or threats of violence. Corey Booker wants to punch Donald Trump in the face. He’s a typical bully. Joe Biden wants to take Trump outside. 

I have an idea. Let’s stage a 10-round boxing match between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The winner gets the presidency for four years.

I’d pay to see that, and I suspect a lot of people would too. Joe has the best medical care government can buy, so he’d probably recover, at least physically.

The left has mastered intolerance, violence, derogatory speech and exploitation of tragedy to a fine art. Alas, if they would only apply their ingenuity toward solving the nation’s problems, we could have a better world.