In 1865, the world was introduced to Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.” Carroll is a pseudonym for Charles Dodgson. 

The story begins with Alice following a rabbit down a hole. There she encounters strange creatures and learns quite a few things.

She follows a long hall and finds a little bottle labeled “Drink me.” She then finds a key that unlocks a door. She falls into a pool of water with others. Eventually, a Dodo draws a circle and they all begin to run around aimlessly.

From the Cheshire Cat, she learns that “everyone is mad here.” 

The caterpillar asks her who she is, but she can’t answer because she feels she has changed so many times in such a short period of time.

Some creatures have to write down their own names so they will remember who they are.

The Hatter plies her with riddles that she cannot understand.

She comes across the queen whose response to anything with which she disagrees is “Off with his head.” 

Alice attends a trial at which she has no right to grow taller and take up so much air.

The creatures are enraged when she calls them “nothing but a pack of cards.”

Just as Carroll is a pseudonym, so is the Democratic label of “progressive” for leftist liberal socialist.

The Democratic Party is following the leftists down the rabbit hole of socialism where there are proposals for quite a few things.

Democrats have drunk from the bottle labeled “Socialist,” and that is their key to opening the door of massive government and unbounded spending. They have fallen into the leftist pool and are like Dodos running around aimlessly promising more free stuff than the others.

The Democratic Party has gone mad.

Like the caterpillar, the party has no idea what it stands for except for “radical restructuring”(deBlasio) and countering a “dark psychic force” (Williamson). It has abandoned the tenets of its latest platform. It has denounced candidate Biden for supporting the Hyde Amendment. Obama and Schumer have flipped from decrying illegal immigration. Almost all candidates favor giving voting rights and health care to illegal immigrants.

Candidate Harris has changed her words on health care so many times in such a short period that she can’t remember whether her Medicare for All proposal means just that or whether workers can keep their employer-provided health care.

Every candidate faces the riddle of how to pay for all the proposed spending. One says tax the wealthy. Ocasio-Cortez says print more money. Biden says tax the middle class. Another says premiums and co-pays will make up the difference in health care spending. None will tell the total cost.

It’s not “off with his head” for anyone who challenges the policies of certain representatives. Now, Democrats label as a “racist” anyone who dares ask questions that challenge leftist orthodoxy. 

The challenger has no right to challenge. Shouting down a differing viewpoint or crying “racist” are the only answers.

Democrats are enraged when they are called socialists. Their proposals are half-baked, fiscally unsupportable, illogical, irresponsible, possibly infringing on our Constitutional rights and are a give-away to people who do not want to work.

Democratic candidate Delaney stated that Democratic proposals are “a bunch of fairy tale economics or impossible promises, none of which will ever happen.”

The story of “Alice in Wonderland” is the story of the Democratic Party.

Rich Kiper is a Leavenworth Times columnist.