To the editor:

I read the recent letters to the editor again to understand where some of the authors get their perspectives or ideas. I was stunned by some of the reports that these writers cited. Sen. McConnell’s home was a site of verbal protests. Yet the author failed to mention that Sen. McConnell did not stop his campaign chairman from placing RIP signs at a rally and tweeting it out to the public. Those signs included the Democratic contender for his seat in Congress, Amy McGrath, a Marine fighter pilot who flew 89 combat missions and spent 20 years serving this country.

One author states that they were yelling “break his other arm” at Sen. McConnell. That’s an outrage. Where is the author’s outrage against the president raging against migrants and asking “What do we do?”(paraphrased) and the crowd responding with “shoot them” and the president smiling and saying “Only in the panhandle you can get away with that.”

If Rep. Maxine Waters is the poster lady of intolerance, then President Trump is the poster gentleman of intolerance.

I would ask the reader what would he call a person that implied that “there are good people on both sides” when referring to the incident in Charlottesville. Does the author agree with a statement that shows the majority of those protesting were neo-Nazis? Where is the anti-semantic outrage? Does he not know who David Duke was?

Boxing match? They probably would need a referee that was a heart surgeon because they would both drop over after two minutes. As far as health care, all of them have the same health care which I do not have. President Trump would not enter the ring. Remember when he picked out a protester at a rally? He told security to “kick the cr#p out of them” and stated he would defend or pay his fine. All I know is what I see, hear and/or read on multiple television stations, radio stations and newspapers. It leads me to believe that America is in crisis and I am scared of what I am leaving my children and grandchildren.