With school sports starting up so quickly it’s time to think not just about sports but also about the arts. Sports in school go pretty much all year, from football in the beginning to track at the end. With all this, the music and art programs can get lost. I am involved in choir and art but I also do school sports.

The arts typically do not get as much funding as sports. Team sports get new jerseys or gear every couple of years and choir has kept their performance outfits for many years now and probably more to come. In addition to funding, public support for fine arts events is not as great as athletic events. There are art shows that go on about twice a year but the amount of people that go to the sports more than double that of fine arts events. Mostly the parents tend to go to art shows and choir concerts, which is wonderful. However, we need more students to get involved in supporting the arts. 

For many years, sports have been more respected than arts. Some people think that you can only get scholarships in sports, however, that is not true. There is the AIGA scholarship that can give up to $6,000 to go to an art school. Sports can only get you so far and art can become an actual career for someone. There is a greater chance that someone will make an art career than go pro in basketball. 

There are so many different forms of art – drawing, painting, dancing, singing, photography, poetry and so many more. These and other forms of art can be underestimated and forgotten. There are many reasons to cherish the arts. The arts can bring out the true person and can show off a creative side. It’s a chance to show everyone what we can do and who we are without actually having to say anything.

Kara Wessel is an eighth-grader at Lansing Middle School.