Wagle's column a false narrative

In a 757-word pseudo-argument for President Trump’s border wall, Susan Wagle can marshal only two brief actual reasons — and both are false.

1. “A wall makes the current treacherous path followed impossible.”

Wagle seems unaware of modern inventions, such as ladders, tunnels, airplanes, cutting torches, jack hammers and dynamite. She is also unaware that perfectly guarding 4000 miles of wall could require half a million troops — and with half a million troops, we wouldn’t need a wall in the first place. She is also unaware that we have some 20,000 miles of largely unguarded coastline, plus another 5,000 miles of unguarded border with Canada.

2. “The wall sends a signal we will no longer allow illegal entry into our country.”

Actually, it sends a signal of folly and makes America into a laughingstock. Most people understand that the wall is political stunt that can’t accomplish anything and will never be completed.

Wagle’s other 734 words:

• Vent facile wrath over the execrable drug cartels, which is irrelevant (cartels actually support the wall in order to help keep drug prices in the US high).

• Shed crocodile tears for the miseries of undocumented immigrants, which is perverse (she wants to make them even worse off).

• Heap unmerited praise on border guards and private prisons, which is Orwellian (they separate families, keep kids and cages, deprive them of medical care, and impose unacceptably high death rates).

David Burress, Lawrence