Health care top campaign issue

As we head into next year’s elections, a major issue is health care. Our current system makes insurance and pharmaceutical executives a fortune, while ordinary people, even with insurance, can go bankrupt from deductibles, co-pays, coinsurance and medication prices. A quarter million people resort to GoFundMe campaigns each year to pay for medical bills, yet 90% of these campaigns do not reach their goal.

I do not agree with all the views of Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, but I agree with their version of Medicare for All (MFA). Under that system, we would all have access to health care, with full choice of our doctors and hospitals. There would be no “out of network” doctors or hospitals, so no unexpected bills from “out of network” providers. Medicare for All would be paid for with taxes. We would have higher taxes, but the rich would pay a higher proportion of the taxes to fund health care, and we would not have health insurance premiums, deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance. We would have controlled medication prices. For middle income Americans, our tax increase will likely be more than offset by not having all those other payments we now make for health care.

The people who oppose MFA are the powerful people getting filthy rich from health care, who allow millions of people to remain uninsured or underinsured and at risk of dying for lack of care. Encourage candidates for Congress to support MFA, and back Presidential candidates who support the Sanders or Warren version of MFA.

Nina Ainslie, MD, Manhattan