Recently a columnist wrote that our country has devolved into a “polarized and fractionalized world” with neither side being willing to give an inch. She calls for lowering the barriers among us.

She has a point. I participate in a web forum with individuals with whom I graduated college. The forum has become an ugly thing to read because of the vitriolic intransigence of some on both sides of the issues.

The author rightly calls for critical thinking, however, nowhere was the lack of critical thinking on display as much as at the Democrat presidential debates. I watched them all and shake my head at the shallow, idiotic, fanciful proposals coming out of the mouths of the candidates. Critical thinking does not exist in the candidates’ world.

There were several points made in the article which I would like to address.

First, the author stated that we are “living in a country founded on the value of human life.” She then wrote that someone once said to her that “the Holocaust could never happen in our country.” Really?

The slaughter of 60,942,033 unborn children since 1973 is not a holocaust?

Do the 2,246 fetal remains found in the home of an abortionist butcher a few days ago not constitute a holocaust?     

The Democratic National Commission chairman has stated that “Every Democrat … should support a woman’s right to make her own choices. … That is not negotiable.”

Republicans are just as adamant. Children are a gift from God and the child was knit together in the mother’s womb and was known by God. That is not negotiable.

Democrats consistently block bills pertaining to abortion when the unborn baby feels pain or has a heartbeat. They reject any concept that smacks of the value of life in the womb.

So far, nine states and the District of Columbia allow abortions through all nine months of pregnancy, meaning one second before birth. 

Virginia’s Democrat governor recently stated that children born alive after a botched abortion should be kept comfortable before dying, with the implication that no life sustaining measures were required. Republicans call that infanticide.

The author rightly decries dehumanization. But it is her party that lauds dehumanizing unborn children.

Second, the author addressed possession of so-called assault rifles. 

Democratic presidential candidates are on record as favoring mandatory confiscation of so-called assault rifles. Several, though, seem to be hinting that all firearms are in their sights. These people, if elected, will forcibly take everyone’s so-called assault rifle regardless of whether you are law-abiding.

Rifles, which include so-called assault weapons, constitute 4% of the murders in the U.S. Handguns account for 64%. If Democrats are chomping at the bit to confiscate weapons that are involved in 4% of murders, does anyone seriously believe they will not come after handguns that constitute 64% of murders?

These dictators would disarm citizens who should have a right to protect themselves. Those who hunt or shoot for fun will have their weapons confiscated. 

Criminals always will have guns. 

Confiscating our firearms is another Democratic left wing idiotic fantasy. The second amendment is something to be thrown out with the trash.

We do not live in the ideal world that the author envisions. I wish we did not need to protect ourselves from criminals or the mentally ill. I wish we were not so divided. I wish that we could say “all lives matter,” to include the lives of the unborn, without being labeled as women-haters or trying to return women to the Stone Age. But that is not reality.

The DNC chairman is right. Some things are non-negotiable. Democrats applaud abortion. Republicans abhor abortion. Democrats want guns confiscated. Republicans want to maintain the second amendment.

Some walls should never be breached.

Rich Kiper is a Leavenworth Times columnist.