To the editor:

Anti-choice provocateurs keep getting nuttier and nuttier as they hop up on their soapbox pleading for recruits to join their failing campaign to end a woman’s right to choose here in Kansas. Oh sure, they march and hold their signs along our streets, telegraphing, look at me, look at me. Some harass women as they enter clinics. Some shoot doctors. Some just threaten doctors. Some latch onto anti-choice junk medical science. Some promote edited and doctored videos to incite outrage in their ranks. Some write columns in our newspapers promoting favored sanctimonious and hypocritical politicians that waste precious time and tax dollars trying to legislate away a woman’s constitutional right to decide for themselves whether or not to seek an abortion. 

Think Sen. Kevin Braun, Reps. David French and Willie Dove as well as Pat Proctor. Politicians and wannabes like these would rather grandstand and display their self-righteous indignation on abortion instead of doing the people’s work, such as filling proverbial potholes as we would expect of our elected officials.

They are so blinded by their cause that they no longer represent the values of the vast majority of Kansans that respect women’s rights. They would rather scheme on underhanded, anti-choice legislation such as changing the Kansas Constitution to give themselves absolute power over women’s rights, leaving the judicial branch powerless to protect these rights.

I will predict that the above mentioned anti-choice zealots are destined to fail. Their cause is sinking fast and they are looking for anyone to throw them a life preserver as they drown. Let’s throw them an anvil to end this charade.