To the editor:

Our president is destroying some of the goodwill we have with our allies. I cannot speak for the soldiers that have lived, fought and interrelated with the Kurds. I can only speak to a group of soldiers, ROK and KATUSA, that I spent three tours with, knowing that I could not or would not abandon them. I would have to get out and go back to help them any way that I could.

Since our president has never served his country, he does not realize the bond we have had with other countries. We have bonds with countries for trade, but these bonds forged by our military, foreign service persons, Peace Corps, etc. go beyond trade.

President Trump, you are a fool for breaking these bonds and putting U.S. troops in positions to sit and do nothing while their comrades in arms and their families get ripped apart.

Impeachment and removal from office is not enough. You should be sent to that area and bury the families of these Kurdish soldiers. All your funds should be used to pay for the mental anguish that you will cause those U.S. soldiers.

You make me sick, and your secretary of state just sits there and will not fall on his sword to stop this. You both have put the lives of U.S. soldiers in jeopardy because other countries will not count on us ever again nor will their troops. Also, if we get attacked on U.S. soil again, you are responsible for allowing ISIS to get back on its feet.