To the editor:

In most of my posts, I try to stick to facts, real facts, not alternate facts, but today I am expressing opinions. In my opinion, if you are charged or accused of something, the best way to prove your innocence is to expose the facts. Accusing the accuser of having bad motives does nothing. Refusing to expose facts makes you look guilty.

President Trump has not been impeached. The House of Representatives has initiated an impeachment inquiry. There are charges that the president has done things that could result in his impeachment, so the House, which has that constitutional responsibility, is investigating.

There are no directions in how this is done in the constitution. Those are facts. In my opinion, the very fact that the president has chosen not to cooperate, not provide documentation for this inquiry, is an impeachable offense on its own. He appears to be becoming more unhinged every day. His foreign policy decisions have alienated our friends and encouraged our enemies.

If this is allowed to continue, the only foreign countries that will cooperate with us are Russia, China and North Korea. I didn’t like Hillary Clinton, but I voted for her because I considered her less dangerous to our own country than Donald Trump. I hope that I was wrong.