To the editor:

The Oct. 15 political hackfest left me thinking: that’s a scary bunch of incompetents. If any one of them ever becomes president with a compliant Congress, the United States is doomed to socialism at best, or communism at worst.

Every one of them must have flunked math in grade school, and none have any understanding of economics.  Capitalism, which makes America the envy of the world, is what they want to get rid of.

Some quick impressions of the candidates.

Bernie Sanders is an angry old curmudgeon. He’s definitely a communist in that he stated there should be no wealthy people in America, with the possible exception of himself. My question is: what brand of communist is he?  Does he follow Stalin, Chairman Mao or possibly Fidel Castro? Maybe he’s a Putin fan. If elected, will he create a secret police, send all Republicans to prison camps or even assassinate them? Read history, that’s what communists do. As president, Bernie would probably get along well with Kim Jung-Un.

Joe Biden has become irrelevant, I believe. 

Elizabeth Warren is the cliché queen. Her favorite phrase is “hard-working middle-class Americans.” What about the non-working ones? She goes into extended blather on a yes-no question, and Mayor Pete nailed her on that. For her, everything should be free, but there isn’t enough money in the world to pay for her silly plans.

Pete Buttigieg, Oxford educated, is quite brainy. Pete’s a smooth talker and can make the most outrageous ideas seem harmless. I don’t believe America is ready for an openly gay president, and I’m not sure whether the Islamic countries would accept him.

Kamala Harris, a senator, is fierce on women’s reproductive rights and the federal government should pay for all. I doubt she’s ever had an original idea.

Corey Booker, a senator, always ignores the question he’s asked and answers some other question. 

Tom Steyer is sick with liberal bias and he doesn’t seem very smart, but then he’s a billionaire and I’m not.

Andrew Yang, the industrialist, is a math wizard who doesn’t understand that paying each man, woman and child $1,000 a month would have to come from taxes. Heck, why stop at $1,000?  Make it $50,000. He’s right to worry about automation, though.

Amy Klobuchar, a senator, sometimes slips up and says logical things, but she is very liberal. Nice personality, but she’ll happily stab you in the back. Ask Judge Kavanaugh, when she questioned him in the Senate.

Beto O’Rourke is a former senator who never heard a stupid idea he didn’t like. He speaks Spanish fluently and favors totally open borders.

Julian Castro always brings up his growing up in poverty. He’s still poor – in ideas. He favors no borders.

Tulsi Gabbard is a member of the House and a bit of a maverick Samoan-American. Her religion is Hindu. She excelled in martial arts and served in the military. Last January, NBC News accused her of being a Russian stooge. As a result, she doesn’t think much of main stream media. She speaks well but has some screwy ideas. 

Bernie thinks his Medicare For All plan can work and admits taxes will be heavy, but he hasn’t mentioned the fact that almost every country with a single-payer health plan supports it with a huge sales tax. Norway, Sweden and Denmark charge 25%. I figure Warren could cover all her freebies with a sales tax of about 250%.  

In my view, not one of these featherweights can handle the job.