To the editor:

Once again the global warming/climate change Chicken Littles are out in force. Over the years the “experts” have warned about various disasters that were about to befall mankind if we didn’t do something to prevent climate change. All of the dire predictions are based on computer climate modeling which has never been right, ever. Remember Al Gore’s movie from 2007? All the polar ice caps were supposed to be gone by 2013. Name any of those predictions that have come to pass. Funny how the timelines for this catastrophe keep getting pushed further and further into the future as it becomes obvious the experts don’t know what they are talking about. First it was five years, then it was 10, then 20, now 30.  

One hundred and 40 million years ago, Kansas was under 2,000 feet of water as part of the great inland sea. There are marine fossils all over the Central Plains to prove it. The sun drives the Earth’s climate and nothing else has any significant impact. If you are not familiar with the Milankovitch cycles, do an internet search and educate yourself. While you are at it, search on solar minimums. Hurricanes will occur during hurricane season and Kansas will have tornados during tornado season.  

CO2 comprises 0.05% of the atmosphere and is not a greenhouse gas in any significant way except in computer models. In our geological past, CO2 levels were up to 10 times higher at various times and somehow the Earth didn’t over heat. How low should the CO2 levels be? Remember, plants need a certain minimum for photosynthesis or we all really will die. The planet in 30 years will look pretty much the way it does today. I won’t be around to see it, but I think I will still be here in 12 years to call out all the idiots who think we only have 12 years left. If you think China, India or Russia are going to kill their economies for some mythical, social, do-gooder idea, think again. I doubt that the vast majority of people here are willing to give up the benefits of modern society to go back to the horse and buggy days based on some faulty computer model. Give up your cell phone anyone? Plastics don’t grow in some mythical plastic tree rain forest.

All of this hysteria is for nothing. Stop feeding your children all this nonsense. Stop schools from indoctrinating it. Take time to educate yourself and don’t be led by the nose to support solutions to problems that don’t exist. Don’t be fooled by the “consensus” statement. That refers to only about 2,000 people and is hardly a list of all scientists in the world. If Bill Nye is a climate expert, then so am I as we both have the same bachelor’s degree. I have participated in the development of several computer models. Developers can make the model do whatever they want it to do, especially to support an agenda.  Parameters and relationships can be structured to make things happen in models that cannot happen in the real world. The sky is not falling and the natural forces that make ice ages come and go are still operating as they always have and always will. It is all about politics and control by government bureaucrats.