To the editor:

St. Luke’s Cushing Hospital has always been our hospital of choice. During the 40 years we have lived in Leavenworth we have been very satisfied with the care we have received there. The doctors, nurses and other staff members have always been top-notch.

Learning that the hospital is to be reduced to a community emergency hospital with limited beds and services was quite shocking to us. So many of us depend on this hospital and may not have the means to drive to another St. Luke’s facility in Kansas City should it be necessary – and eventually, it will probably be necessary for each of us. 

This is just not an issue of a hospital closing. The demise of St. Luke’s Cushing will impact the entire community from the soon to be unemployed Cushing staff members to the lack of hospital services in our town. It is also likely to be detrimental to the town of Leavenworth because good hospitals are vital to a town’s well-being. 

When St. Luke’s took over Cushing Hospital it was our understanding that we could count on them to be here for us. It was comforting to know that we were part of a bigger and more extensive network. Sadly, it seems that we have been ranked as not that important in the overall scheme of St. Luke’s.