Last week, 12 Democratic candidates again displayed their bizarre proposals to Make America Great Again. Rather than answer questions, candidates focused on their own pet fairyland hobby horses and their hatred of the president. 

Some of the answers were incoherent.

Biden, when asked about helping the middle class, responded with something about clipping coupons at the stock market. When asked about Syria and the Kurds, he gave a nonsensical response that he would “make clear to Assad” because “Turkey is the real problem here.” Does anyone have any idea what he was talking about?

O’Rourke made clear that “there would be a visit by law enforcement to recover” firearms. If owners do not turn in their weapons, “we will take it from them.” He is proposing that storm troopers enter our houses and take our guns. So much for the second amendment. Everyone in favor of that, please stand up.

Harris says she will use an executive order to confiscate guns. Has she ever read the U.S. Constitution?

Buttigieg is calling for increasing the Supreme Court to 15 justices. Franklin Roosevelt tried court packing in 1937 and it destroyed his ability to get anything done. Good plan, Democrats.

Warren refused to offer details of how the American people would pay for free college, Medicare for All (MFA) and forgiveness of college debt. She claimed that middle class medical costs will go down, but would not provide specific numbers.

She stated that those with private insurance could not keep it. Too bad if you like your medical insurance and your doctor. Warren knows best.

Sanders challenged her by saying MFA would result in a middle-class tax increase, but it would be less than out-of-pocket medical expenses. He was the only one who had the guts to say that taxes would go up. Does anyone seriously believe that providing health care for everyone, to include illegal immigrants, will lower your taxes? When was the last time a government program lowered the cost of anything?

The center-left Urban Institute declared that MFA would cost $34 trillion over 10 years. That is more than the Congressional Budget Office estimates for the total cost of entitlements such as Social Security for the next 10 years.     

Warren wants to increase Social Security benefits by $200 a month. Stay-at-home caregivers would also be eligible for Social Security. That sounds great, but how much more will wage earners have to contribute in order to pay those benefits?

Despite what economically-challenged Ocasio-Cortez says, we cannot just “print more money.”

If you own a business, the Democrats are coming for you. Warren demands that large (undefined) companies must have 40% of their boards comprised of employees. How will more government involvement in your business help you make a profit?

O’Rourke debuted an anti-religion proposal that should scare every American. He will target anyone whose religious views do not comport with his own. Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc., will be punished financially for following religious teachings with which he disagrees. 

It would mean that religious organizations that provide social and legal services, housing and meals would no longer be able to afford that. Better to let the government do it. This Democrat apparently is unaware that there is not only a first amendment, but also a Supreme Court ruling that such taxation would enmesh the government in religious doctrine, and, therefore, is unconstitutional.

Are Leavenworth Democrats willing to have the government dictate their religious beliefs? 

Booker was asked how he would challenge Russia’s power on the world stage. His solution was to restore America’s integrity abroad. Of course he gave no examples of what he would do.

There are many other examples of Democratic foolishness. The bottom line is that Democratic proposals for more government spending and more government in our lives will not Make America Great Again.

Rich Kiper is a Leavenworth Times columnist.