To the editor:

Election day is almost upon us. Many of us will go to the polls and maybe know some of the candidates personally. Three city commissioners will be elected – there are seven candidates.

A longtime friend, Chris Murphy, is running for city commissioner because he sees an opportunity to improve our great community. Chris’ goals are to seek positive changes and rise above the status quo. He wants the city government to become more aggressive in development and attract more businesses to the downtown area and the new industrial park on Eisenhower. Chris has stated, “We need to stop doing stupid stuff.”

Chris is a retired Marine who settled in Leavenworth in 2002. He raised a family of five successful children. Four are grown and gone and one is still at home. Chris and his wife, Alisa, are very active in serving the community and taking care of its citizens. They are strong advocates of Unity in the Community. They devote countless hours helping Churches United, the Leavenworth Mission Community Store/Food Pantry and other community events where they are needed. Chris and Alisa are also unseen workers behind many community events. Alisa serves on the Leavenworth school board.   

Why am I for Chris Murphy? He has definitely earned my vote. I worked with Chris for years on Fort Leavenworth.  He is a hard worker who always strives to do the right thing. He cares about the mission, his organization and the people he works with. He is a professional. He’s not a politician, but he wants to turn things around for Leavenworth. He has a vision for what needs to be done and listens to others’ input. He makes sound decisions.  

Chris attends and has observed the City Commission in action. He has sought advice from the mayor and other commissioners as he decided to become a candidate as well. Chris, as in other endeavors, has put his all into this campaign.   

When you go to the polls next month, vote for Chris Murphy. He cares about us and the city of Leavenworth.