To the editor:

It is election time again and there are many individuals campaigning for several different elected positions. I know five of these individuals.

Among Leavenworth school board candidates, Loyal Torkelson is a seasoned board member and knows the Leavenworth school system and will continue to support what is best for USD 453. 

As to Ralph Taylor, I volunteer on Tuesdays at Anthony Elementary School. Ralph is visible most of the time connecting with students and staff. He is a retired military veteran, drives a school bus for the Leavenworth district and also works elsewhere.

I’ve known Chris Humphrey several years. He believes expenditures should be in support of a specific educational objective, technology needs to be used to improve good teaching and time and resources need to be directed toward the issues we can actually affect. 

As for the Leavenworth City Commission, Michael Lay graduated from Leavenworth High School in 1978 then joined the Army and served 21 years. After retiring from the military, he worked as an Army civilian for 39 years. I have known the Lay family for several years. Michael’s focus is on infrastructure, parks and recreation, safety in the Leavenworth community, citizens’ concerns and communication.

As for the Lansing school board, Pete Robinson has lived in Lansing many years. Pete has several visions for Lansing, including board communication to involve the Lansing community and lower teacher-student ratio. Pete is a retired military veteran and has expertise in management and communication and now works at Fort Leavenworth. Pete would be an incredible board member for the Lansing school district. 

I am now in my 57th year of elementary school teaching and I have seen a multitude of elected officials in our 51 years as Leavenworth residents. Any of these candidates will be competent and credible and will always be a positive advocate for their elected position. We are blessed to live in a free country that allows everyone the privilege of voting. So make a difference and vote.