To the editor:

Make no mistake, local government is the basis for our democracy. There’s no type of government service that can educate you more about how to serve the public interest. Getting involved and running for local office is a bit more taxing than the average person may want to believe. Real insight and effective leadership are often all too rare.

Marcus Majure embodies the essence of experience, leadership and political wherewithal. Marcus has been volunteering for local programs for several years and is in the community on multiple levels. His loyalty and courage under fire are vital in getting new and necessary ideas to protect the integrity of the community.

Consider what Marcus Majure has to offer and what a vote for him would mean. He has a drive to keep Lansing a vibrant, family friendly, fiscally conservative community. Please vote Marcus Majure as councilman for Ward 2.

Editor’s note: Mike Smith is the mayor of Lansing.