To the editor:

I would like to ask a few questions. If someone or some organization is accused of a crime, shouldn’t that person or organization be investigated? Wouldn’t that be logical? If the person or organization was innocent of the crime, wouldn’t it be logical to welcome and even aid the investigation? If you were a friend or ally of the person or organization being investigated, shouldn’t you welcome and perhaps even aid the investigation? Wouldn’t that be logical?

The president has been accused of acts which may be illegal, but he chooses to obstruct any investigation to determine if he has responsibility. That’s not very logical and could even be considered suspicious. The Republican Party has taken a position that challenges how the investigation is proceeding rather than aiding the process of the investigation. That doesn’t sound very logical. Maybe they think an investigation would determine that the accusations had merit. An investigation is the only logical response, and only if there is evidence of guilt will there be an impeachment. Isn’t that logical?