To the editor:

A vote for Marcus Majure as the Ward 2 Lansing City Council member is a vote for the future of Lansing. You have seen the flyers, handouts and signs but if you don’t know Marcus personally, you haven’t seen all of what we will get in Ward 2 and the city of Lansing should we elect him.

As a retired Army officer, we are getting the kind of planner, organizer and synchronizer that is a professional descendant of the officers and non-commissioned officers who were responsible for rebuilding Germany and Japan after World War II, who is put in charge of mitigating the effects of natural disasters and is responsible for the lives of our sons and daughters who volunteer to defend our Constitution. 

As a community volunteer, we are getting a selfless servant who gives of his time freely so kids can play recreational sports in their own community. We are getting a man who spent hours, days and his own money so kids can play top-tier baseball in a top-tier baseball club, and as part of the local American Legion Post 411, we are getting a man who serves our veterans and other Legion causes, Girls State and Boys State for example.

As a family man, we are getting a person who understands priorities, knows how to prioritize and always puts himself last. 

And as a Christian, we are getting a man who is living a life of personal sacrifice in a constant effort to be a better person today than he was yesterday. We are getting a man who knows what it means to hold himself accountable to a higher power in a pursuit to achieve the highest standards.

Lansing is a city with a future and it needs leadership with a strong resume. Marcus is part of a legacy of strong leaders. He has the experience, dedication and willingness to sacrifice.  

The peaceful transition of power is one of the things that makes our nation the envy of the world. Transition from time to time is good as new ideas, perspectives and energy come along with it. It is time for a transition. 

Marcus is a leader for the future of Lansing and the future starts Nov. 5.