To the editor:

We are close to the elections and I am excited to hear about and see so many people getting to know the candidates running for the Leavenworth City Commission and school board. People are asking questions and getting educated about who is who. I would like to encourage everyone to do their part and go vote. Early voting is a great thing to take advantage of if needed.

I especially want to mention two people who I think the world of. These ladies, running for USD 453 school board, are Dannielle Wells and Judi Price. I had the privilege of meeting these gals when our kids were starting at Earl Lawson Elementary School. Through the years we got to know each other and found that our dreams and visions for Leavenworth schools and education were very similar. We became involved, not only at Lawson, but at the district level, and later, other schools.

Dannielle and Judi were both part of the team of community, family and school members that helped envision what the future of Leavenworth schools and education would look like. They took this task seriously and attended each and every meeting they could and continue to be involved in the processes. Their input is being directly implemented in the construction and updates to the school buildings. Both of these ladies attend school building and district site council meetings and they attended meetings and workshops pertaining to the scholastic grant our school district received. They were crucial voices in how our schools started to become more family-oriented with their activities and engagements.

Dannielle approaches her involvement with the school district as a mother of multiple Pioneers. Three of her four children are graduates of Leavenworth High School, the third attends Richard Warren Middle School. Dannielle can easily relate to many of our Pioneer families. She’s been a foster parent, an adoptive parent, a stay-at-home mom and a working mother. She’s been involved in Parents as Teachers, is familiar with community-based services and is someone who knows how to run a household on a tight budget. Dannielle is the kind of woman who would take care of every child in need if she were able to do so.

Judi approaches her involvement with the school district as a mother of a blended family with adult children and a current Pioneer who attends Richard Warren Middle School. Judi is a supporter of the arts and local education efforts. She is an educator, a West Point graduate, a U.S. Army veteran and a very intelligent woman armed with an engineer’s brain. Judi and her husband have made Leavenworth their home and she has embraced our town with open arms. Judi is the kind of woman who would feed every child in need if she could.

Dannielle and Judi are not afraid to stand up and speak out for their beliefs or on the behalf of others. They want each child to have a voice and be cared for and each educator to receive the best support and education. Both of these ladies are active volunteers in our community and they show, through their actions, that they are dedicated to helping our Pioneer families get the very best. Education in Leavenworth is going great places. The path is looking good. There are wonderful things in the future for our schools. Voting for Dannielle Wells and Judi Price will help make sure that our path stays clear, our voices continue to be heard and that the future of our kiddos shines brightly.

Vote Price and Wells for the USD 453 school board.