To the editor:

We are told on a regular basis that our landfills are overflowing and we must recycle and reduce what goes to the garbage. Why do I find it more difficult to do that? Purple bins for glass disposal are few and far between and only available during days and hours that may not work for some to use. Not to mention, that on occasion, residential bins are not completely emptied on pick-up days.

This results in having to make a call or take my cardboard to a bin at my neighborhood Lansing convenience store to dispose of as I’ve done for years. Recently, as I was placing my compressed cardboard in said bin, I was told this bin is only for the business to use, not for public use. I assumed she was the manager/owner so I left without using the dumpster. However, before I left I noticed the only placard I saw stated it was a Waste Management bin and for folded cardboard only, nothing about public or private use. No worries. I won’t be stopping there anytime soon for anything. I guess my question is, what can we do to make recycling easier and more convenient for all of us ?