To the editor:

Pat Proctor has confirmed what many of us have known for months. He is running for office to be our state representative as a businessman and job creator in Leavenworth. But things don’t quite add up. No one that I have ever talked to has ever seen Proctor at his business minding the store, except when getting his picture taken using the restaurant as a prop while running for office. I wonder if Proctor has ever uttered the words “How was your food?” “How was the service?”

Then there is all of the bragging on Proctor’s part on how he built up the business even, by his own admission, that he wasn’t around much during the formative years in starting up a restaurant. Maybe the credit belongs to his wife when the real work was being done.

Let’s delve into Proctor’s claim that he is a job creator for the folks that live in his north Leavenworth neighborhood. I have eaten at the restaurant in question and noticed a help wanted sign on display. Being curious, I decided to ask our server what the job pays. Her reply was $2.50 per hour. Just think, if a server handled three tables per hour, Proctor would be shelling out 83 cents per table. Of course the patrons from each table would need to reach into their pockets for a tip. So it would be natural to ask Proctor’s neighbors how far that money will go in feeding their kids even as he tries to take away benefits for the poor once he is elected to office.