It's common-sense time for Moran, Roberts

Sen. Jerry Moran likes to speak about Kansas common sense and even titles his newsletter such.

One definition of common sense is: "good sense and sound judgment in practical matters". I want to share my own examples of what I believe is Kansas common sense relating to our President.

When President Trump has to keep reminding folks he is a "stable genius", Kansas common sense would say he is not; when a respected former secretary of state calls the President "a (expletive deleted) moron," Kansas common sense would say he probably is; when the president has told more than 13,000 lies or misleading statements in less than three years, Kansas common sense would say he has a great deal of trouble telling the truth; when 40 percent of people illegally entering this country come by airplanes, Kansas common sense would say building a wall on our southern border to stop illegal entry is a waste of money; when the White House has more than 20 staff members who can't pass a security check, Kansas common sense would say our national security is at risk; when you are married three times and have had multiple extramarital affairs, Kansas common sense would say you have no moral values.

In the next few weeks, Sens. Moran and Roberts will likely have a chance to exercise some Kansas common sense. I hope and pray they have the wisdom to do so.

R. Kent Anderson, Concordia