To the editor:

The talk I’ve heard among conservative pundits in the past week, in national media discussions, is that politics have evolved since Trump took office – and not for the better. They cited three areas which have evolved in the wrong direction. 

The impeachment trial, starting soon and featuring no specific crime charged to the president, is the first one. It now appears that any time that the House is of one party and the president is of the other, impeachment will be routinely used as a tool to attack the president. The current example is totally partisan – no Republican has voted for it. The House pushed it through without any chance for Republicans or the president to defend the allegations. Democrats called witnesses. Republicans were not allowed to do so.

The second example of evolution in the wrong direction is the hiring of high-level members of the previous administration by cable news networks. They are paid big bucks to attack the party in power. One is John Brennan, former director of the CIA, now an employee of NBC News, a frequent contributor and a vicious attacker of President Trump.  

Another is James Clapper, former director of national intelligence who works for CNN. He too is a professional vilifier of the president.

There are numerous more minor officials whom the networks have hired. Josh Campbell, assistant to James Comey, was hired by CNN two days after Comey was fired.

Ex-officials make persuasive commentators because of their experience.

The third evolutionary development, also implemented by the Democrats, is constant investigation of the president, attended by all sorts of unproven allegations and continuous negative publicity. The Mueller Report was the start of this. Once the Democrats took control of the House at the beginning of last year, they immediately started investigations which culminated in the current impeachment. 

For an entire year, at least four different House committees harassed the president, trying to get his tax returns, looking into his business and issuing all sorts of subpoenas. They were looking for evidence of any crime they could find in order to impeach him. They finally had to fabricate one. Even so, they didn’t dare specify it in the articles of impeachment. Instead, they went with the obscure “abuse of power,” which translates as “occupying the White House against the will of the Democratic Party.”

Democrats have left no stone unturned to nail Donald Trump, but they have set dangerous precedents. 

Impeachment has been incredibly cheapened by Pelosi and friends. The hiring of ex-government officials of the outgoing administration by network TV channels in order to use them as partisan attack dogs may someday be used by Republicans against Democrats. The never-ending investigation is a despicable tactic that may come back to haunt the current perpetrators when and if they regain the presidency.

A good rule is, “What goes around comes around.” Democrats may live to regret what they’ve done.