Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Butler County Times-Gazette Facebook: New license plate features wind turbines

Rachael Griffin: I think those turbines are hideous, a scar on the landscape. Why would I wanna be reminded of the way we've destroyed the countryside?

Linda Daniel: Already have a personal plate through gold star mom

Robert Saltkill: Call me sentimental, but I miss the wheat


Dodge City Daily Globe Facebook: Bob Dole endorses Roger Marshall

Lindy Duree: It will not matter to me. Marshall only represents those who think like him.

Rashell Collins-Bridle: Considering he endorsed Pat Roberts and joined him on the campaign trail, NONE.

Laura Williams: One catastrophic trainwreck deserves another....


Pittsburg Morning Sun Facebook: Editorial reminds senators of their impeachment words in 1999

Bobbie Bowers Turnbull: Dismiss the charges and move on.

Gary Dowling: Sounds like you’re trying to hide something if you don’t want witnesses to testify. If you did nothing wrong you would welcome more witnesses clear your name

Shari Wilson: Must have a fair trial. A trial includes witnesses and documents. Anything less is a coverup. This is not a game. This is our country and people commenting to "move on", "waste of money", etc might want to slow their roll. Complacency and a lack of understanding of just how vulnerable our country is right now is disturbing.

Carol Murphy (Shari Wilson): you all wont be laughing when you are living under socialism. Tighten your seat belts - this stunt by the demtards will now allow an impeachment charge against any candidate that isnt liked.


Wellington Daily News Facebook: AG offers bill to blunt indoor vaping

Tom Gaskill: Agree to stop the vaping in all public places.

John Funderburk: Seems logical.


Ottawa Herald Facebook: Climate change activists demand action

John Geiss: Greatest crisis? Doesn't even crack the top 10 haha

Michael Roll: Climate change is a big deal and should be looked at

Steve Schulte: Looney toons one and all.

Alice Liby Dietz: Look at the waste of energy that could be used on something constructive like a job not funded by someone like Soros!


Hutchinson News Facebook: Medicaid expansion plan deserves consideration

Anthony D. Marquez: Why are people so angry when helping the poor but had no problem bailing out big banks? The war isn't on the poor or disabled. It's on the billionaires who don't pay taxes.

Tom Roepka: Add a medical marijuana bill to it

Michal Spiritwind Schartz: How about health care instead of health insurance, Insurance is a congame. Before the concept of health insurance, it didn't cost 200 dollars for a dr's visit or 5000 for an exray. All your doing by paying for health insurance is subsidizing the health insurance companies.


Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook: Kansas not ready to implement voting freedom law

Bob Beers: Understandable. Residency is a concern. Convenient can also include easy illegal voting without adequate oversight.

Dave Evans: Better to do it right than to do it fast.

Jay Fredrickson: Unless it is all computerized there is no way to keep it legit. Otherwise someone can go to every precinct and vote and no one would know until after the election. The poll people should be able someway to verify if a person has already voted.

Rod Johnston: The other guy would have had this done already! Republicans just can't get good things done, which is really planned failure!