To the editor:

Despite your political leanings, we should all be concerned as to why the Leavenworth Times refuses to publish Pat Proctor’s open letter concerning the abortion matter currently in front of our state Legislature. It’s not like there is a backlog of letters to be printed, since they have instead been printing editorials and other things – not letters to the editor. Their inaction on this, as well as the plethora of anti-conservative cartoons and editorials from other papers, points to an avowed and obvious lack of impartiality. I am a registered independent. I have no respect for any press that decides to support one point of view over the other on such a consistent basis. I just can’t see paying for news that is so thin and obviously biased when we can get that for free from 95% of the news media on TV and on the internet.

The only decent things left in the Times is anything not related to national news and they are the only reason we still subscribed. In fact, the Times should just refrain from anything national and just stick to local. Unfortunately, that would mean the staff of the Times would actually have to go out and cover more local events instead of scouring the internet for stories and cartoons that are so biased. Of course, that would also mean even thinner content for 50 cents because we certainly can’t expect the Times to do actual local investigative reporting, so it would also likely mean four or less days per week of publication. I’m actually OK with that as long as we received real, factual, unbiased news instead of stories culled from biased national media. If they’re going to print a cartoon skewering the president, shouldn’t we also expect them to print one poking fun at Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden, etc.? It’s called balance. It’s not hard to do. There are plenty of cartoons, opinion pieces and real investigative reporting exposing liberals. Unfortunately, it seems, someone at the Times, or their handler, is directing the tone of the national stories printed.

Personally, I’d rather see these national news stories be removed completely than to feel like I’m paying for, not only biased news, but more often than not, news that is upwards of a week old.

We’ll see if this letter makes it.

Editor’s note: The letter to the editor to which the author alludes was published on the Times’ website Saturday, Jan. 25 and in the printed version Wednesday, Jan. 29.