To the editor:

Who died and made Pat Proctor arbiter of common sense in our community? How dare this outsider with views outside the mainstream slip into our community and tell us that we should vote to erase women’s constitutional rights to be able to choose whether or not to seek an abortion. What business is it of his? What makes him an authority on the issue? The same could be said of his anti-choice buddies, Kevin Braun and David French.

The above-mentioned zealots want to end women’s rights on choice in Kansas. The problem for them is that they are up against our Kansas Constitution, which is the bedrock of our values. Proctor and the rest of the anti-choice crowd are in the minority in our state. That is why these zealots need to be creative as they run for office. It’s all about the power. They want to convince us to change our Kansas Constitution and give them the power to interpret our rights as they see fit. They want to eliminate the judicial branch’s input into the equation, guaranteeing a safety valve in protecting our rights. In order for them to get their scheme to work, they need to convince us to vote in the August primary to short circuit our Constitution and give them the power over our rights. Of course, the August primary is low turnout and is the most likely time that far-right hardliners show up at the polls.

Is it common sense to allow Proctor and his crowd to put our rights up for a vote? Women certainly don’t want to put their hard-fought efforts for rights in jeopardy. The whole idea is silly.

Why don’t we put Proctor’s 1st amendment right to free speech on the ballot since his thoughts are so out of sync with our long-established common-sense values that we hold in Kansas. While we are at it, why don’t we put Proctor’s 2nd amendment right to own a gun up for a vote. I bet he would love that.

Common sense dictates that we need to be vigilant when it comes to protecting our rights because they are the glue that holds our society together. We can’t let demagogues with nefarious intentions fool us into giving up our values. Our rights and values will sustain us into the future. They will be with us long after the zealots blow away with the wind or end up in the dustbin where they belong.