How about something different on this page, instead of the usual contradicting opinions and innuendos? How about some straight-forward facts? Like some of the following:

The U.S. trade deficit (with China, Japan, Europe, Mexico, Canada, etc.) for 2019 was the lowest in six years. The stock market indexes (Dow, S&P, Nasdaq and Russell) are the highest in U.S. history. National unemployment is at a 50-year low. Many mutual funds at year-end 2019 had increased their values by 18% -20% for the year. Overall wages are slowly increasing.

President Trump was found not guilty of any wrongdoing by the Mueller investigation. He has now been found not guilty of breaking any laws in the just completed impeachment trial. The most recent national Gallup poll has Trump's overall approval rating at 49%, the highest since he became president. Anyone see a pattern developing here?

The Democrats bungled their own political party caucus vote results in Iowa. Democrat Nancy Pelosi, in a fit of anger, tore up the text of President Trump's State of the Union address just as he finished giving it. A biased AP reporter called Rush Limbaugh "divisive" mostly because Limbaugh happens to be a conservative. Day after day, Trump is blamed for all the divisiveness in the U.S., mostly because of the liberal-leaning media. I challenge the TCJ to print this letter. I also think it is past time for the U.S. Congress to start doing something constructive for America.

Jim Clements, Topeka