To the editor:

I’d like to respond to Mr. Kian Williams’ letter of Feb. 12 which defended the Green New Deal, asserting that the world must act to prevent certain destruction.

Apart from health care, there is no more complicated topic than the issue of why climate is changing.

I subscribe to, and I’m seeing more and more scientific papers submitted there each month which deny that mankind’s activities have any significant effect on climate. There is a growing minority consensus that climate pays no attention to us. Quite a few Nobel Prize winners concur.

Scientists who believe in man-made climate change think that restricting carbon emissions, in the form of CO2, will keep the temperature rise under control.

The theory that carbon dioxide acts to increase heating of the Earth’s atmosphere by preventing outgoing infrared light from escaping into outer space is flawed. The idea is, as from a hot stove, heat is radiated away from the Earth’s surface. CO2 is known to absorb infrared in three narrow frequency bands. Molecules which absorb it are heated, and that radiation never escapes.

CO2 is a trace gas in the atmosphere – only 400 parts per million, or .04%. You could heat those 400 molecules to the temperature of the sun without raising the overall temperature of the air. However, there isn’t that much outgoing radiation. Most heat is transferred from the surface by convection or conduction. Infrared radiation can’t carry more heat away than the surface temperature, about 75% of which is cool ocean. Some of the land mass is in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

I urge Mr. Williams to look at the scientific arguments. An excellent reference is Wrightstone’s “Inconvenient Facts,” a best seller. Don’t believe politicians. Check for yourself.