To the editor:

Since February of last year, those of us who live north of Millwood Road have had two alternatives to get to Leavenworth. We can take County Road 17 (the old highway) or go through Easton. Both trips add nine miles to our gas tank. None of the county commissioners have to drive the extra miles. I wonder if they really care.

Why didn’t they plan and take bids for the new bridge when it first happened? Those of us who traveled it frequently knew what horrible shape it was in. The bridge deck was lower than the road and it probably should have been replaced years ago. The person who examined it last probably thanked his lucky stars he didn’t have to cross it.

Those who live in Atchison County and Jefferson County also count on that road for getting to Leavenworth. I’m guessing many of them don’t take the detours we do, they just go elsewhere.