Most of us have heard of the Rorschach inkblot test. Someone is shown a blob of ink on a card and told to say what it looks like. Some see butterflies, some see animals, some see humans, some see a blob of ink on a card. From the person’s response, a psychiatrist attempts to determine that person’s anxiety level, whether the person is schizophrenic or has some personality defect.

There is another Rorschach test that does not involve a blob of ink on a card. It is known as a sonogram. Unlike dried ink, a sonogram is a picture of something in motion. It captures the sound of a beating heart. And, like the inkblot, the viewer describes what he or she is seeing.

Pro-life people see a human being. Pro-abortion/pro-choice people see a parasite.

How a person perceives a sonogram is even more relevant now that New York and Virginia allow abortions up until the moment of birth. That is precisely what could occur in Kansas now that six of seven justices have suddenly found a "Right to Abortion" in our 160-year-old constitution. I guess all the justices who came before them were ignoramuses.

The court deemed abortion a "natural right" which blasts open the door to unrestricted abortions, the holy grail of the pro-abortion congregants. There is now no guarantee of safeguards for either the mother or the child. Kansans could soon be unable to establish standards for abortion facilities, ensure abortionists have medical licenses, provide DNA samples for rape prosecution, enact informed consent laws, require that doctors have hospital admitting privileges, enact pain-capable laws and be unable to place a limit on when an abortion may be performed.

The amendment, recently defeated by four votes in the Legislature, changes nothing in current law. It only codifies that our elected state representatives and state senators, not unelected judges, may pass laws regarding abortion.

Consider the ramifications of a "natural right" to abortion. The latest research shows that at 20 weeks gestation, the baby/parasite feels pain. Watch a Rorschach sonogram where the baby/parasite reacts by trying to move away from a sharp object. The pro-abortion/pro-choice groups says that a parasite at any stage cannot feel pain, so ripping it apart in the womb is no big deal.

Seventy-six percent of babies born at 26 weeks will survive and 80% of those have no disability by age 3. On a sonogram, pro-abortion/pro-choice people see a growing parasite that has no right to take a breath outside the womb no matter the stage of gestation.

Bring out the suction equipment to suck out the 26-week-old parasite, the forceps to rip apart the parasite and remove it piece by piece or scissors to cut the parasite’s spinal cord as soon as the head exists the birth canal.

You can be darn sure that no abortionist will ever show a Rorschach sonogram to a mother. She might say "no" to the abortion, and there goes a fat paycheck to the one who is there to kill the baby/parasite.

Those who favor killing the unborn are losing in southern and middle of the country legislatures. As a result, they have turned to the courts to declare that pro-life legislation violates U.S. and/or state constitutions. By doing so, these abortion disciples can avoid the will of the people.

Pro-life organizations and legislators still are working to get the constitutional amendment on the ballot. If you are not OK with an unrestricted right to abortion, if you are not OK with unelected judges making laws, contact Sen. Holland and Rep. Pittman who voted against the amendment.

We need legislators who refuse to allow judges to make our laws. We also need legislators who look at a Rorschach sonogram and see a human being, not a parasite.

Rich Kiper is a Leavenworth Times columnist.