To the editor:

The coronavirus pandemic is real and not a hoax – full stop. It will likely show up in our state or even in our community. Apparently our local cabal of far-right politicians are against expansion of Medicaid in our state. If you are wondering who these politicians are, it’s time to name names – Sen. Kevin Braun, Rep. David French, Rep.Willie Dove and candidate Pat Proctor.

These far-right politicians are tied at the hip to Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle, who refuses to let a Medicaid expansion vote to occur in the Senate chamber unless an anti-judge amendment to our state constitution is put on the August primary ballot.

We are under threat of a deadly pandemic. If Wagle and crew would allow a vote in the Kansas Senate to expand Medicaid, it would pass, thus upwards of 150,000 Kansans would be able to seek medical attention if they become ill. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how important this will be when facing a public health crisis.

I have a compromise solution to mollify those who demand a vote on amending our state constitution to exclude our judiciary from safeguarding our constitutional rights. Even though I am against putting our rights on a ballot, I would support putting their anti-judge proposal on the November general election ballot. It will be telling to see where the anti-Medicaid, anti-judge political obstructionist’s priorities are. Let’s see if they put up or shut up. Surely they shouldn’t be afraid to let as many people as possible vote on their way of thinking on protecting our constitutional rights in November.

Meanwhile, I want to again stress that we are staring down a deadly virus. We need to demand that our local politicians get cracking and do their job in protecting our community by supporting Medicaid expansion so that no one goes without health care. It’s time for us as the voting public to contact the politicians to let them know what we expect of them. Let’s let them know we are watching them closely. Give them a call and press them on expanding Medicaid.