Since our Kansas Supreme Court found a right to abortion not previously discovered in the 1859 Kansas Constitution, rarely a day has passed without articles, columns or letters to the editor in the Leavenworth Times and Kansas City Star regarding that decision.

By fiat the justices have opened the door to abortion on demand for any or no reason and at any time throughout the pregnancy. That includes not just up to the moment of delivery, but also lays bare the possibility/probability that killing a baby who survives a botched abortion is acceptable. If they can find a right in our constitution to kill the unborn, they can find a right to kill a newborn.

By voting against the amendment, Sen. Holland and Rep. Pittman are complicit in the scheme to remove any laws that affect abortion. “We the people,” through our legislators, will not decide whether babies should be ripped apart in the womb. No, six black-robed justices will decide. Holland and Pittman cannot abide letting the people’s representatives vote on such measures.

Last month, Colorado Democrats voted down a bill that required doctors to provide medical care for born-alive abortion survivors. Those survivors are distinct living human beings who are no longer part of the mother’s body. But Democrats don’t care.

In Ohio, a pregnant woman took pills to induce an abortion. When the baby was born alive in the woman’s house, she placed the fully-formed, breathing baby in a trash bag. The woman has been charged with manslaughter.

Democrats screamed that the charge was an attack on women’s rights. Unfortunately, federal laws and laws in 35 other states do not address killing abortion survivors. They are free to be murdered.

Virginia Democratic Gov. Northam is on video saying that whether an abortion survivor should be left to die is the mother’s decision. The baby is alive and breathing, but Democrats will not concede that it is human.

This is barbaric, but not to Democrats.

Last January, New York passed a law that allows abortion up to the moment of birth. Democratic legislators stood and cheered, and Gov. Cuomo had the World Trade Center “lit in pink in celebration of the law.” New York’s law joins those of eight states and the District of Columbia.

If the Democrats win the presidency, Pete Buttigieg could be in the cabinet. His position is that “life begins when a baby takes its first breath.” So when the baby is clearing the birth canal, simply close its nose between your thumb and finger and the baby dies without having taken its first breath.

CNN labeled the product of the birth as “a fetus that has been born.” Apparently, the left so worships the god of abortion that it cannot acknowledge that “a fetus that has been born” is a human being.

Democrats are so beholden to the abortion lobby and are so fixated on the inhumanity of newborns that they cannot accept that killing a newborn is murder.

In February, U.S. Senate Democrats defeated the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Democrats labeled the act “anti-abortion.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that from 2003-2019, 170 babies who survived abortions have been left to die. Only eight states reported the information. The others are too cowardly to provide the truth. Estimates are that “10 to 20%” of babies who are aborted “survive for short periods of time outside the womb.” No matter; they are not really humans.

Because six morally bankrupt Kansas justices declared abortion to be a right, and because of Democratic adherence to the wickedness of killing the unborn, Kansans can expect that Democrats and their Supreme Court henchmen/women will soon invalidate any law that smacks of the sanctity of human life.

If killing a baby who has survived an abortion is not the depth of depravity, then what is?

Rich Kiper is a Leavenworth Times columnist.