The country is panicking (unnecessarily) over the coronavirus outbreak, and this panic is being fed and promoted by the Democrats and the left-wing media. Once panic sets in, all reason disappears.

The unspoken (yet implied) message is that we are all going to die unless Democrats are put back into power. The entire country is being shut down. We are told to self-quarantine and avoid all human contact if we feel the slightest bit abnormal. People are fighting — FIGHTING — over toilet paper! Really?! President Trump is being blamed for something the Chinese gave us.

Here are the FACTS regarding mortality rates from the various coronavirus-related outbreaks, past and present, from the World Health Organization (WHO):

Sars: 9.6%

Avian H5N1: 60%

Swine: 20%

Mers: 30%

Zika: 5%

COVID-19: 3.7%

I'm 74 years old. If I get sick, I'll do what I should: stay home, avoid human contact and get well. I won't panic, rush to the hospital and blame Trump.

So, what's the problem again?

Oren Long, Hoyt