To the editor:

There are 105 counties in the state of Kansas. As of Sunday, 72 of those counties had recorded not one single case of the virus. Another 18 counties had reported only one in each. So essentially, 90 of 105 counties are not experiencing any issues with this so-called pandemic. Tell me again why the governor has to shut down the entire state? These sorts of decisions are best made by local officials and not by some bureaucratic politburo in Topeka.

Same goes for the closing of public schools. That is why we elect school boards. Of course this makes politicians feel good about themselves without addressing the problem in a meaningful way.

The real problems are in the major urban areas. Focus the effort where the problem actually is. One size does not fit all. Approximately 350 people have tested positive out of a population of 2.9 million. Of course if someone has the virus and needs to be hospitalized, that is a serious issue for them. The vast majority of people who have died all had other serious health problems.

Funny how there is no mention in the media of the 23,000-plus people in the country who have died of regular flu-related illnesses during this flu season. I wonder if our concerned state and local health officials have the numbers that have died in Kansas from the regular flu?

All this hysteria is not justified by the numbers. So governor, declare martial law and call out the National Guard to patrol the streets or turn all this back to local control.