For the past couple of weeks, we have been taught and are now practicing social distancing. We are supposed to stay six feet away from each other and not attend large gatherings of people. Some people don’t believe it or say that it’s fake news.

We need to practice social distancing above all else. I’m not a science expert – I almost failed my sophomore year of biology – but I understand social distancing.

As kids, most of us played with dominoes. We would stand them on their sides, making an extended row the longest we could and then go to one end and push it down. The whole row would start going down, and it would look fantastic.

The dominoes in this scenario represent people in Leavenworth and the entire world. If we all go out and do our business as we used to before COVID-19, we would be like those dominoes in the row, and the coronavirus would be us falling down or catching the virus.

If you take one game piece out of that row, it stops the collapse of the rest of the dominoes and prevents the spread of the disease. Be that one piece.

People might say, “I can’t get the disease. I’m young and healthy.” In a sense, they may be correct, but it’s not about you. Think about those who are vulnerable, the elderly and the sick. If you carry the virus and you come in contact with someone who is elderly or sick, you can give the virus to them.

Coronavirus is a deadly virus for those who are weak, elderly or have compromised immune systems. Try your best to practice social distancing. Yes, it is hard. I am struggling with it myself. I have cabin fever, and it’s only been a week at most, but we can do this together. We are a strong country, and we will get out of this, but it starts with you.

Chloe Berg is a Leavenworth native and freshman at Benedictine College.