Here I am, confined in this brick tower and people, places and things have now been colored with a brush that I am not used to – coronavirus, no vaccine yet, social distancing, health care workers vulnerable, etc. These are concepts which have taken on urgency, sometimes uncertainty, and maybe even are a little scary.

We should not eat in restaurants but we can walk in and take out an order or pick up an order at a drive-through window without knowing who prepared it or when. We trust they washed their hands inside the restaurant.

Sunday I went to three golf courses. All have different rules, or did at the time. Smiley’s is a walk-only course. The clubhouse had a service window but the restrooms were open. That’s important for older golfers. The Fort Leavenworth course was walk-only, had available restrooms and a sign-in table but the driving range was closed. The Great Life course provided a motorized cart or walking and no restrooms. Check in was via telephone, credit card only, no cash accepted. Are we coordinated in the face of disaster or what?

I have done a lot of reading lately. Some of that reading has been pleasure and mindless, other reading has been spot on and timeless. One of the books which I go back to from time to time – vocational habit – contains the words “Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”

I must admit it would be easy to slide off into panic with so much uncertainty around and the death toll from an unseen enemy rising to end up only God knows where. Yet the words have an assuring quality. Don’t be worried and upset. The assurance comes from knowing that the person who spoke those words was, himself, not too far from an untimely death. Yet, he continued to do his job, his calling. We should also.

We have been asked to socially distance ourselves from one another. That is not to say that we should ignore one another. How about a thumbs up greeting as we pass and maybe with a silent thought passed between fellow travelers. Don’t let your heart be troubled or afraid.

Jim McKinney is resident of downtown Leavenworth.