To the editor:

It’s time to get out our wading boots because Pat Proctor wants us to know that he is running for office to be our state representative. I am sure that most of you have read his letter to the editor pretending to look out for the health and welfare of the citizens of our community. His letter uses the theme of neighbors taking care of neighbors as we stare down the deadly COVID-19 pandemic descending on our community. He casts himself as our friendly neighbor just giving advice to his fearful and panic-stricken neighbors. He cautions us that our perceived fear and panic could be worse than the virus itself as it could end up destroying Leavenworth. He claims that our state and county health departments could potentially drive us into tyranny and economic ruin if we give their advice too much sway. I’m sure he wants us instead to place our trust into our neighborly politician.

Now let’s talk about real fear and panic that might be ingrained in the minds of many of you reading this letter. Some of you might be working at a low-paying job without health insurance. You need Medicaid but you make too much to qualify. Let’s say that your spouse or one of your children is stricken by a deadly virus. You know that if you show up at the hospital you will face financial ruin for years to come because your paycheck will most likely be garnished by bill collectors for the hospitals. You know that you are barely scraping by now. What do you do as you look into your child’s or spouse’s eyes that are suffering because they are in need of a doctor’s care?

I’m sure that Proctor can’t relate to that kind of fear and panic. After all, he is all set because his health insurance is provided for he and family by tax dollars and tax write-offs. No worries there.

Here is another little nugget. Let’s remember that he belongs to the crowd that recently claimed that COVID-19 was a hoax or that we will be out of danger by Easter.

If you truly want to get a feel for where neighborly candidate Proctor’s head and heart are we could ask him some direct questions to flush him out. Does he provide health insurance for his low-wage workers? Does he think that his low-wage neighbors should receive Medicaid? Does he really think that our state and local health departments are capable of tyranny? Don’t hold you breath on getting a satisfactory answer from our neighborly politician. All that we will get is ignorance and more empty words from a guy that clearly fails the empathy and leadership test.