Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Pratt Tribune Facebook: Dairy farmers dumping milk, ask grocers to remove sales limit

Kim Hurley Andrews: It’s all about packaging, folks. Milk is packed in different containers for schools and restaurants, who are using less. Containers for public consumption haven’t ramped up in production. Maybe they will adjust.

Jennifer Barten: Actually that isn't right. My friend owns Hildebrand Farm Dairy in Dickinson County. They are selling milk from their dairy cheap right now because this is happening and it's the packaged milk we want in our homes.

Vonnie McCune: There was a video made by a dairy farmer who explained why they were dumping the milk. Mostly has to do with packaging differences. Can’t sell in stores what was packaged for schools and they can’t keep up with production large containers made for stores.

Peggy Fortner: Dairies everywhere need their milk bought not dumped.

Patrick Clement: 1 in 5 children in America are unfed or under fed. Maybe instead of dumping the food they could actually help people and stop wining.

Kristi Winsor: Thanks to regulations farmers are not allowed to advertise that they have milk available... So even though most of them would be happy to sell to an individual, or even give it away they could get the in a lot of trouble to let it known to the public

Hays Daily News Facebook: Republican legislators overturn governor's order on church gatherings

Kimberla Nutting: This shows complete stupidity of Kansas lawmakers. KDHE, county public health & all health care providers are working long hours at great risk to flatten the curve and this... this decision increases the risk for ALL persons.

Glenda Gibson: Wagle is fighting for a fundamental right to kill her neighbors by breathing on them during a pandemic. If that doesn’t make you vote her out, what will? #FundamentallyStupid

Mary Sparks: No Susan, it’s not! It’s to help to keep more Kansans from dying! And some churches have already been smart and have closed during this situation.

Marsha Moss: Wow! By all means let your voice be heard even if it’s stupid!!!

Hutchinson News Facebook: Gov. Kelly condemns A.G., legislators for "political attack"

Kaprelle Bradley: I also support the governor. Being safe is not the opposite of being free. I miss church too, but my church leaders are doing their best at staying connected safely.

Janet Bohren (Kaprelle Bradley): then that’s your choice. I have no right to dictate another citizens choice.

Loren Fisher: If you want the government to control all of your life...just keep being sheep. If you do not think we the people have common sense enough to stay safe during this Virus and we need the government and the Governor to control our every move then you need to rethink alot of things. It's called a you really want that?

Susan Reed: My church has been doing both on-line and in-person for weeks now. I’ve been going to the actual building, sat in an actual pew even! Coronavirus-free!

Todd Pfeifer: Not to sound negativive, but why does it take the government to tell you to stay home or go to church and celebrate? If you dnt feel safe than dnt go. It's all about personal accountability inho