We in Leavenworth seem to be heeding the guidelines for mitigating the effects of COVID-19. I hope that we have been watching the president’s daily press conferences to learn the latest developments. This should be a time when we as a nation come together, but it’s not. First: Christians are under attack.

In response to President Trump’s call for a National Day of Prayer for our country, class act Democratic U.S. Rep. Tlaib responded with “F*** a National day of prayer.” This Democrat mocks and curses people of faith.

Democratic Mayor DeBlasio found it “very troubling” that Christian humanitarian Samaritan’s Purse would set up a 68-bed field hospital in Central Park. A city councilman found it “extremely troubling.” A state senator cried that the coronavirus “is too delicate to leave to televangelists.” This leftist is too ignorant to understand that medical personnel are part of the package.

Better to let fellow New Yorkers die than be treated by Christian medical workers.

Mike Lindell (“My Pillow”), a devoted Christian, is making 10,000 masks a day with a goal of 50,000. MSNBC mocked him, and an Atlantic writer labeled Lindell “an awful human being.”

How does attacking Christians help our plight?

Second: The Strategic National Stockpile was created in 1999. From its website, its “role is to supplement state and local supplies during public health emergencies.”

“The SNS is not considered a first response tool, but rather as a support mechanism to state and local response efforts.”

The National Governor’s Association has guidance that says “governors are responsible for ensuring their states are adequately prepared for emergencies and disasters of all types and sizes.” Governors who fail to prepare for emergencies and disasters are negligent or have other priorities.

In 2015, the New York Health Department warned Democratic Gov. Cuomo about a ventilator shortage should there be a flu pandemic. He did nothing. Now he blames Trump for not providing what his own people recommended.

Trump provided the Corps of Engineers to construct emergency hospitals, sent the USNS Comfort and 4,400 ventilators to New York. But it is Trump’s fault that New York does not have enough ventilators.

How does blaming Trump for negligence of governors help our plight?

Third: Media hostility and inane Democratic rhetoric toward Trump has reached a fever pitch.

On March 29, Democratic Speaker Pelosi exclaimed that “As the president fiddles, people are dying.” By that date Trump had created the Coronavirus Task Force. CNN blasted the group for “a lack of diversity.” These morons are too blind to see that the surgeon general of the U.S., a member of the Task Force, is black.

Pelosi is so driven to destroy Trump that she ignored Trump’s March 4 meetings with health insurance leaders to get free COVID-19 tests. Two days later he provided $8.3 billion to fight the virus. He was blasted as that not being enough. When Congress passed a much larger bill, Pelosi held it up for several days. On March 11, Trump restricted arrivals from Europe. Biden labeled it “hysterical xenophobia.” Sen. Schumer called it a “war against immigrants.” How many Americans would have died had Trump not done that?

On March 13, Trump declared a national emergency. That day he met with representatives of Walmart, Costco and others to establish drive-through COVID-19 tests.

MSNBC on March 16 railed that “more people are dead and dying in America tonight because Donald Trump is president.” That is the day that Trump issued the social distancing guidelines.

Two days later, the president ordered two hospital ships to deploy to the East and West coasts.

Now a deranged MSNBC legal analyst is charging Trump with “negligent homicide” for his actions.

All that is what Pelosi labels “fiddling.”

How does despicable rhetoric help our plight?

Rich Kiper is a Leavenworth Times columnist.