We received a letter to the editor that was critical of the Leavenworth Times for missing a restaurant in our print ad. After talking to the owner of the restaurant, I decided not to print the letter because it would reflect badly on the business. All businesses are under a lot of stress. We are all in this together.

The Leavenworth Times is proud to put together a great resource for our local businesses. Our Support Local digital campaign can be found at leavenworthtimes.com/supportlocal

The page is designed to let people in our town know if businesses were open or closed and if curbside, drive-thru or pick-up was available. We also ran ads in print to show only the businesses that are open and special hours for the grocery stores to help residents who read our newspaper.

Leavenworth Times employees, like everyone else in the world, are working from their homes. We googled or reached out to as many restaurants that we could to get this launched as quickly as possible to help. We have been updating our website daily with multiple changes as businesses open or close, change their hours or if the information on Google was incorrect. We have made changes as they come in.

I found out in a meeting today (Thursday) that a restaurant was unintentionally omitted in the print ad because at the time the ad was made, the information I had did not have its information confirmed as open or closed. Since the print ad was only for what was open, any restaurant that was not marked open was removed.

Sometimes political people need to realize that beyond their belief, we are not haters. We are normal people trying to do good things for our community. The world is a very strange place right now and I do not think anyone will argue that fact. The fact that we are running an advertising campaign to help restaurants, small businesses, churches and nonprofits at no cost to them is what I want to focus on in this message.

I encourage businesses in those categories to go to leavenworthtimes.com/supportlocal and look to see if your business is listed. Please let us know if any information is incorrect or you want to be added. There is a form on the site. If you know a business that sells gift cards, they can also go to https://supportlocal.usatoday.com/ and click on add business. Then enter their information so people can purchase gift cards from their business in this time of need.

To sum up, I will say I have been helping businesses in this community grow for more than 36 years and I am pretty sure that those who know me would consider me an honest person. We will not apologize for something that was unintentional, especially when our website had 142,957 unique users (customers to all businesses) in March.

I would instead say thank you for helping our community. I will take this opportunity to thank Mutual Savings, Chamber of Commerce and Coldwell Banker Reilly & Sons for sponsoring leavenworthtimes.com/supportlocal.

Sandy Hattock is the general manager of the Leavenworth Times.