To the editor:

What the heck is going on in the mind of political candidate Pat Proctor? Are we getting a glimpse of what is boiling under the surface of his public perception veneer?

Why is he showing such animosity toward our county commissioners? Doesn’t he know that he is only showing us ignorance and foolishness as he tries to become relevant in the middle of a public health care crisis? Why is he challenging our county commissioner’s judgment in appointing our public health officer to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak in our community? Why is he saying that our public health officer is unqualified to fill the post? Why is he saying that our public health officer isn’t held into account thus causing violence and tyranny against our liberties as well as causing economic ruin in our community? Why is he lashing out with accusations that somehow our state and local health officers have ulterior motives in what he claims an ill-founded picking of winners and losers on who’s businesses are deemed essential in keeping their doors open during this epidemic?

But that’s not the end of it. Why are we getting a bizarre letter to the editor from Proctor specifically targeting a well respected and popular county commissioner. Why is he challenging her to show up at his restaurant in order to validate his food drive campaign stunt?

Who will vote for a guy that alienates large swaths of local voters by insulting and denigrating our elected and unelected officials in such a callus way as they try to protect the health of our citizenry?

If you have what it takes, jump in and file for election to become our next state representative. We can do better than Pat Proctor. Now more than ever we need a steady hand to lead the way to a better place for all of us.