The concept of working from home is new to most everyone during this time of crisis. People have been thrown into a completely new environment by working and studying from home.

Working and studying from home can be hard on everyone, especially students of all ages. Some older people may say, “Oh, those darn kids. They are always on their electronics. This should be easy for them.”

Yes, I admit we are almost always on our electronics since my generation is addicted to them, but that does not make school easier. For me and some of friends that I have talked to, online school is stressful. It is more stressful than actually being in the classroom every day.

Many teachers may have decided, “Hey, since they are at home, we can double the coursework.” That may not be the actual case, but it certainly feels like it.

My online school day typically looks like this. I usually only have one Zoom class, which is a program like FaceTime where you can see the other person talking to you. Besides that Zoom class, I usually have two to three different courses that day that require me to find the coursework by myself and find the lessons by myself and do everything by myself.

With online school, it is also very lonely. I miss the days where I could talk to my roommate and ask her for help on my Spanish homework or just talking to a random person sitting beside me in one of my journalism classes.

I think it’s safe to say that, especially college students and even younger students like in high school and middle school, we all pray that this ends because we miss school. That may sound completely alien, but after we have come to realize what we have lost, we want it back. We want school back.

Chloe Berg is a Leavenworth native and a student at Benedictine College.