To the editor:

As of last Sunday, 43 counties in Kansas have not recorded a single case of the virus. This is down from 72 two weeks ago. Another 23 counties had reported only one or two, up from 18 two weeks ago. So essentially, 66 of 105 counties are not experience any significant issues with this so-called pandemic.

One size does not fit all and it is unreasonable and unjustifiable to continue to punish these areas. The virus may eventually hit these locations, or it may not. We are weeks into this and many areas have yet to see their first case.

What criteria were used in determining which businesses were allowed to stay open? Where was the public debate or public hearings on this? If there was any, I must have missed it.

How long is this going to continue, two more weeks, another month or what? Where is the publicly available criteria for lifting the lockdown? My bet is that there aren’t any and that our public officials are winging it. All business owners who have been forced to close need to sue the pants off the state under the 5th amendment. The state’s arbitrary determination on which businesses can stay open and which ones can’t is tantamount to a regulatory taking. They are entitled to just compensation for income lost. There is a process, and it’s called due process.

I was astounded that the state and county health people talked about using cell phone data to grade compliance with social distancing. Who gave anyone permission to use that information for any reason, much less give to public officials?

That’s how things are done in dictatorships. Big Brother is watching. What’s next? Will the sheriff show up at your door and hand you a citation based on that data? Gross violation of the 4th amendment. They gave the state a “D” for not complying with the edicts from on high. I give our officials an “F” for not protecting our rights under the constitution.

No surprise that the state Supreme Court backed up governor’s violation of the 1st amendment right to freely exercise their right to worship as they please. Where is the science that says people sitting in a church are more susceptible to a virus than those who go to Walmart or to Dillons? The answer is simple, it doesn’t exist.

No one at any level can suspend the U.S. Constitution by royal executive decree. We used to be a nation of laws, but now we are going down the road of arbitrary exercise of power that denies due process, rife with unbridled discretion. If you are willing to trade your freedoms for safety, you will end up with neither and you will deserve it. There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. So again, governor, declare martial law and call out the National Guard to patrol the streets or turn all this back to local governments.