I was embarrassed by my home-state Republicans when I opened my Boston Globe on a recent Friday and discovered that Laura Kelly had to go to the Kansas Supreme Court to protect citizens from the coronavirus.

I was embarrassed because I have deep Kansas Republican roots. I suspect they may be more authentic than any member of the Legislative Council; my great-grandfather was appointed postmaster for Long Island, Kansas, during the Grant administration and served as Republican member of the 1872 Kansas Legislature.

If the Legislative Council had been the kinds of Republicans I grew up among, and if there had been one working brain among its members, one brain, which believed Public Health was more important than Political Power, the Council might have have criticized Laura Kelly's executive order, but not for being too restrictive, rather for being too lax.

Because I am a graduate of Dartmouth College and the Boston University School of Medicine, I know many of you will dismiss me as an Eastern Elitist, but my advice is based upon principles of biology that I learned during 1957 and ‘58 from Francis Hutchinson at Topeka High School, and upon the duty to community I learned in the Boy Scouts of the Jayhawk Council.

Here is my advice: Go into your closets and pray in secret so you may be rewarded openly when you don’t get COVID-19.

I fervently hope and pray that those Easter Services, which flouted Gov. Kelly’s order, don’t become for Kansas what a Biogen Conference became for Boston.

Wendell Smith M.D., (THS 1960), Melrose, Mass.