With stay-at-home orders in full swing, it has put a boulder in everyone’s path. Most people now work from home and have changed their lifestyle during quarantine. Most Americans agree that staying home is working out.

But can you work out when you are staying at home?

Studies have shown that after the national emergency was declared, people have slept 20% more than usual. A survey by Evidation Health found that activity levels in the United States are down 39% since March 24.

Since the number of people who are working out has decreased, here are a few ways you can continue or even start your workout during quarantine.

For older people, merely taking a few laps within your house can be a workout. Put on some good old Frank Sinatra as you walk and hey, maybe it “Will Make You Feel So Young.” (Ba Dum Tss)

Another easy workout that you can do is find a movie you like and figure out a recurring theme or motif during the movie. When that happens, you have to do a particular exercise like jogging in place or doing sit-ups, if you’re feeling ambitious.

An example could be “Arsenic and Old Lace.” There is a character in the film named Teddy, who thinks he is Theodore Roosevelt. Every time he goes up the stairs, he yells “Charge!” Then he bolts up the stairs. So every time he would charge, you could do a little exercise. This way you can watch a great movie and get a workout too – the best of both worlds. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could take a walk around the block, staying six feet away from everyone else, or go on a bike ride.

There are so many opportunities to continue or begin your workout. The internet is an excellent place for inspiration on different exercises, depending on how ambitious you may be. On social media, there are trainers and other people hosting workout sessions that you can quickly join and follow.

Chloe Berg is a native of Leavenworth and a student at Benedictine College.