To the editor:

I’d like to respond briefly to Gov. Kelly’s restart plan and Paul Conway’s letter to the editor, both published on the last day of April.

Both sources advocate a one-size-fits-all, government-knows-best approach to restarting the Kansas economy.

In his letter, Conway examined Ness County, which has had no confirmed COVID-19 cases in the 100 days since America confirmed the first case Jan. 20, and somehow concluded that for that reason, they should be forced to participate in the lockdown.  I’m certain he would draw the same conclusion for the other 90 Kansas counties which have fewer than 20 confirmed cases as of May 1.

Gov. Kelly plans to begin the first phase of recovery Monday. I see her plan as reasonable and carefully designed. I think it would be fine for the 14 counties with the most confirmed cases.

I disagree that counties with fewer than 20 cases should be constrained in any way, except that special attention should be given to nursing home residents and people with serious chronic conditions.

She is allowing sit-down restaurants to reopen, with reasonable restrictions. That’s good.

Conway asserted that the “Dear Leader” has not invoked the Defense Production Act to force big business to do things. That term is the way North Koreans refer to Kim Jong-un. However, it’s probable that Conway was maliciously referring to President Trump, but if so, Conway hasn’t been paying attention, as the president has used the threat of enforcing the act several times, and the other party has always caved. Two specific examples were against General Motors and 3M.

Leavenworth County has seen a lot of businesses close, with many people laid off or terminated. I fear that several of my favorites will not be able to reopen. The longer they are shut down, the less likely they are to be able to get going again.