To the editor:

It is such a blessing to tutor children in my neighborhood. It’s good for the children and great for the tutor. It’s especially fitting for a retired, staying-away-from-groups person over 65.

Start exercising by walking in your neighborhood. Get acquainted with the parents and elementary school children and discover where tutoring would help. Offer a plan to their parents so they would know what you were volunteering to do. Sometimes parents will have school workbooks to use.

Tutoring can be done any time during the school year, summer or even a pandemic. With COVID-19 rules and public school and college students having their lessons online, it was easy for these two siblings to have tutoring by speaker phone.

Monday through Friday we set a time for discussing spelling rules, their completed words and sentences to build vocabulary. They pick up the assignments folder and return the completed lessons folder to a receptacle on my porch. We will be glad when we can meet at my house.

My reward is seeing their progress and hearing and discussing their imaginative sentences. It’s fun to receive their stick-person drawings of what the three of us look like and sometimes a red heart drawing. Now they are reading books to their little brother. Try volunteer tutoring. Senior citizens have so much to offer that would be helpful to students.